Beyond statistics

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Show simple item record Boucher, Jean-Philippe 2023-10-30T19:19:27Z 2023-10-30T19:19:27Z 2023
dc.identifier.issn 0835-8974 fr
dc.description Comprend des références bibliographiques et webographiques. fr
dc.description Disponible en français dans sous le titre "Au-delà des statistiques" fr
dc.description.abstract «"Hey teacher, are we numbskulls?" This surprising question was asked by my students with a smirk, but also with a slightly downcast look, signalling "we ask in jest, but not really." Since it was probably too embarrassing, two of them came to ask. fr
dc.description.abstract I don’t remember my answer; it was probably a canned repartee, given the cognitive overload of the end of the course and the fact that it was a good curveball. As a teacher, I sometimes have these boilerplate answers that—like astrological predictions—are just vague enough to apply to a thousand situations. But when the chaos of the course was over, I felt like I’d missed something. Besides, what does it mean to be a numbskull?
dc.description.abstract We sometimes forget how much courage it takes to ask a teacher a question about something other than the chart on page 22 of the course notes. Feeling guilty of having extinguished a spark of student courage through a lack of availability, I suggested to the two students that they take the time to revisit the question.» -- AQPC
dc.format.extent 1 fichier PDF fr
dc.format.medium Ressource électronique fr
dc.language.iso eng fr
dc.publisher Association québécoise de pédagogie collégiale (AQPC) fr
dc.relation.ispartof Pédagogie collégiale vol. 37, no 1, autumn 2023 fr
dc.subject Enseignement collégial fr
dc.subject Étudiant au collège fr
dc.subject Attitude de l'étudiant fr
dc.subject Difficulté d'apprentissage fr
dc.subject Persévérance scolaire fr
dc.subject Motivation de l'étudiant fr
dc.title Beyond statistics fr
dc.type Article de périodique fr

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