Resource-Oriented Teamwork : A Systemic Approach to Collegial Consultation

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dc.identifier.isbn 9783647491608 fr
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dc.description.abstract Teamwork is expected to be a highly successful way to create synergies in organizations and companies. Yet all of us have had the experience of sitting through inefficient team meetings, spending too much time on organizational issues. Clearly collaborative consultation in its various forms is a common part of our daily work life. But does one organize working effectively in a team and as a team? On the basis of his long-standing experience as counselor and supervisor Johannes Herwig-Lempp developed a systemic approach to team support. In this book he shows how to easily learn, adapt and practice this techniques. fr
dc.description.tableofcontents More Than the Sum of Its Parts ; Collegial Consultation ; The History behind This Model of Team Consultation ; Definition of Terms ; How to Read This Book fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Team and Teamwork ; What Makes a Group a Team? ; The Team as a System fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Different Levels of Teamwork ; Level 1: Task-Oriented Teamwork ; Level 2: Organizational Teamwork/Team Organization ; Level 3: Developmental Teamwork/Team Development ; What Is the Purpose of Three-Tiered Levels? ; Too Much Ado about Teams? fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Systemic Tools ; Basic Premise of Systemic Work ; Systemic Theory ; Systemic Methods ; The Team and the Systemic Approach ; What Do We Mean by “Systemic”? fr
dc.description.tableofcontents The Systemic Perspective in Team Consultation ; The Mandate of the Colleague to Be Counseled ; Colleagues’ Strengths, Abilities and Resources ; The Context of Collegial Consultation ; The Solutions and the Future ; Diversifying Possibilities for Action ; Colleagues’ Autonomy and Self-Determination ; Other Perspectives ; The Readiness of Colleagues to Collaborate ; Colleague Appreciation fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Team Consultation ; The Team Consultation Process ; Presenting and Clarifying Mandates ; Developing Question Types ; Method 1: Mind Jogging ; Method 2: Expanding Perception ; Method 3: Reciprocal Information ; Method 4: Assessing Success ; Method 5: Configuring, Playing and Action ; Method 6: The Reflecting Team ; Final Statement ; The Entire Team Consultation Session ; How Does Team Consultation Work? ; The Limitations of Team Consultation ; Method 7: Additional Models of Collegial Consultation ; Method 8: Self-Consultation fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Team Organization ; Organizing a Team Meeting ; The Facilitator ; The Facilitator’s Responsibility ; Facilitating Is Hard Work – Some Tips ; Further Suggestions, Tips and Tricks ; Team Decision-Making fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Team Development ; How Can We Change the Way We Work Together? ; Conflict within the Team ; How Can I Initiate Change within My Team? fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Systemic Reassurances for the Team fr
dc.format.extent 1 ressource en ligne (218 pages) fr
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dc.language.iso eng fr
dc.publisher Vandenhoeck & Ruprecht fr
dc.subject Enseignement en équipe fr
dc.subject Enseignement collégial fr
dc.subject Travail en équipe fr
dc.subject Relations humaines fr
dc.subject Consultation fr
dc.subject Accompagnement fr
dc.title Resource-Oriented Teamwork : A Systemic Approach to Collegial Consultation fr
dc.type Livre fr

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