Motivate! Inspire! Lead! : 10 Strategies for Building Collegial Learning Communities

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Show simple item record O'Brien Vojtek, RoseAnne Vojtek, Robert J. 2019-12-13T21:52:56Z 2019-12-13T21:52:56Z 2009
dc.identifier.isbn 9781452213682 fr
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dc.description.abstract Incorporating motivational theory and the authors' administrative experience, this resource presents 10 strategies for developing a collegial learning community through positive interdependence, reciprocal relationships, and mutual responsibility. fr
dc.description.tableofcontents Introduction Chapter 1 Understanding Motivation ; Chapter 2 Leadership Within ; Chapter 3 Quality of Life: Creating the Essential Conditions to Support the School Environment ; Chapter 4 Mission: Defining the Important Work We Do ; Chapter 5 Communication: Using Shared Vocabulary and Definitions to Clarify Purpose Through Dialogue ; Chapter 6 Relationships: Building the Human Infrastructure ; Chapter 7 Accountability: Creating Ownership and Mutual Responsibility to Accomplish the Mission ; Chapter 8 Competence and Capacity: Generating the Confidence to Successfully Achieve the Goal ; Chapter 9 Autonomy: Leveraging the Freedom Within Articulated Boundaries to Make Informed Decisions ; Chapter 10 Empowerment: Delegating the Responsibility That Affords Educators the Authority to Do Their Work ; Chapter 11 Positive Interdependence: Interacting in Ways That Promote Each Other’s Success ; Chapter 12 Results: Achieving the School’s Morally Compelling Mission and Goals ; Chapter 13 A Call for Action ; Epilogue ; Appendix A Satisfying Basic Needs ; Appendix B Further Reading ; References ; Index fr
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dc.publisher SAGE Publications fr
dc.subject Communauté de pratique fr
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dc.subject Enseignement en équipe fr
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dc.subject Motivation fr
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dc.title Motivate! Inspire! Lead! : 10 Strategies for Building Collegial Learning Communities fr
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